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Next Production

The Pirates of Penzance

Our next production will be The Pirates of Penzance, at the Devonshire Park Theatre, 6th-9th May 2020. Scroll down to find out more about the show.


We're looking to recruit new young members to fill the juvenile roles - which include Frederic, Mabel and the Major General Stanley's daughters. New members are also welcome for any of the other parts, or to join the chorus.


Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page if you would like to be in the show, whether as a principal or in the chorus.

Here are the dates for our launch event & auditions:

Monday 18th November 8pm - Launch event at EODS Centre

Monday 25th November 8pm - Audition workshop at EODS Centre

Wednesday 27th November - Deadline for submitting audition/chorus sign up forms.

Sunday 1st December 11am-3pm - Auditions at EODS Centre

Wednesday 4th December 7.30pm - Whole company sing-through at St Barnabas church hall, Langney.

After this, there may be some meet-ups for principals, but rehearsals for the full company start properly in the new year, on Monday and Wednesday evenings at St Barnabas Church Hall in Langney.


Keep reading for more information, or click one of these links:

About The Pirates of Penzance

Gilbert and Sullivan’s comic opera in two acts is packed full of outwardly swashbuckling, but sentimental, pirates, blundering policemen, absurd adventures and improbable paradoxes.

Frederic, a pirate apprentice, falls head-over-heels in love with Mabel, the daughter of Major-General Stanley. Frederic is due to be released from his apprenticeship on his 21st birthday, but there’s a snag. Born on 29th February, Frederic discovers that he is technically still a youngster. Although very much in love, his dedication to duty is unshakeable. Can he find a way to live happily-ever-after with Mabel?

This opera is truly great entertainment. Each character in this satire on Victorian melodrama is drawn with true Gilbertian wit, and the situations in which they are placed is brimful of comedy. It is not an easy work to perform, for there is the ever-present danger that the performers will “try to be funny”.  The comedy lies in the characters and the situations, and the playing throughout needs absolute sincerity; for the more sincere the playing, the funnier the show.


Come and join us – you’ll have fun, we can assure you.

Anthony Warlow as the Pirate King, Opera Australia production.

Production Information
Production Team

Trevor Allen - Director

With over 40 years of performing and directing operetta under his belt, Trevor is our resident G&S buff. He last directed the society for its 2017 production of The Mikado, and has also performed on stage in several shows with us, most recently as The Grand Inquisitor in The Gondoliers. 

Pat White - Musical Director

Pat has been involved in Musical Theatre all her life, and is a familiar face on the Sussex Performing Arts scene. She has many years experience of musical and stage direction with local societies. 

Rowan Stanfield - Assistant Director 

Rowan is more usually to be seen on stage, having played several leading ladies for Eastbourne G&S in recent years. She's excited to be making her directorial debut for the society.


Russell Ablewhite - Assistant MD / Accompanist 

Russell has sung professionally for decades, most recently at the Royal Opera House. His vocal expertise is much appreciated by the company!


Lucy Sarsfield - Choreographer

Lucy has been a performing member of the society for many years, and like Rowan, is taking a break from the limelight to join the production team for this show.


Character profiles and audition pieces for the principal roles can be found on the auditions page. You'll need to fill out the form at the bottom of this page whether you want to audition for a principal role or to join the chorus.


In addition to the principals, the following chorus groups will also need to be filled. If you would like to be part of the chorus in the show, please fill out the form below, and you will be assigned to one of these groups at our first company sing-through.

The Pirate Band - Underneath their raucous and rough exteriors, the pirates are tender-hearted souls. Pirates can be of any age, but need basic dancing ability and strong vocals. Pirates can be played by males or females.

Police Constables - Led by the Sergeant, the constables obey their duty and the law, but are cowards at heart. Constables can be played by males or females.

Major General Stanley's Daughters - Frolicsome young Victorian ladies (age 16-30) who are having fun on their travels in Cornwall. Each has their own unique personality. A mix of soprano and alto voices will be needed, preferably with very little vibrato. Basic dancing ability required.

Chaperones & Major General's Staff - Additional members of the Major General's household, who will appear alongside him and his daughters. 

Box Choir - There will be the opportunity to be part of an off stage choir in this production (likely to be situated in the one of the royal boxes), which is ideal for those who love to sing and be part of the show, but do not want to be on stage, or are less physically able. Please let us know in the additional info box in the form below if you would like to volunteer to be in the box choir. We may also assign some chorus members to the box chorus if they aren't suitable for any other role or chorus group.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the production.


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