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Audition submissions for The Pirates of Penzance are now closed. Please email us if you missed the deadline but would still like to get involved as a member of the ensemble.
For those who have already completed an auditions form, the details of your audition pieces are below. Auditions are on Sunday 1st December from 10am-2pm at the EODS Centre on Seaside. You will be sent your allocated time slot by email.
Please see our membership page for details of how to join the society, if you are not already a member.

The “slave of duty”.  Has been brought up to act in accordance with his conscience and chance the consequences. A person of considerable charm. The show’s “heart-throb”!

Voice type: Tenor 

Playing Age: 21

Audition song: Act I No.7 “Oh, is there not one maiden breast” to 7 bars after fig E.

Audition dialogue: Act I from “Ruth, I will be quite candid with you” to “Ruth told me she was beautiful!”

Major General Stanley

A traditional old school but lightweight General with a conscience, who appears to have fought his battles from behind a desk in Whitehall, rather than on the field. Somewhat of a phenomenon as a family man, with his large brood of daughters.

Voice type: Comic Baritone

Playing Age: 50+

Audition song: Act I No.13 “I am the very model of a modern Major-General” Verses 1 and 3  

Audition dialogue:  Act I from “Now that I’ve introduced myself….” to “Exactly – you said often, frequently, only once.”


The Major-General’s number one daughter, who takes pity on Frederic. Not entirely altruistic in her behaviour for, as her sisters say, “The question is, had he not been a thing of beauty, would she be swayed by quite as keen a sense of duty?”

Voice type: High Soprano 

Playing Age: Late teens to 20s

Audition song: Act I No. 8 “Poor wand’ring one” (whole song, with Cadenza)

Audition dialogue: Act II  from “Sergeant approach!” to “Go ye and do yours”


The Pirate King’s Lieutenant. Just the same as his master. A big bluffer.

Voice type: Baritone

Playing Age: Any

Audition song: Act I, No.1 "For today our Pirate Prentice” to “with unusual revelry” AND Act II Solo in No.12 “Here’s your crowbar” 

Audition dialogue: N/A


A “piratical maid-of-all-work”, who was Frederic’s nursery-maid when he was a little lad and is responsible for his mistaken apprenticeship. She is devoted to him and she is suffering from unrequited love.

Voice type: Contralto

Playing Age: Late 40s

Audition song: Act I No.2 “When Fred’ric was a little lad” verses 1 and 3.

Audition dialogue: Act I from “Oh, take me with you!” to “Lost! lost! lost!”

The Pirate King

A real dyed-in-the-wool pirate in appearance and, as far as possible, in behaviour. Unfortunately his kindly heart and poetic leanings prevent him from doing little more than bluster. Just a “sheep in wolf’s clothing”.

Voice type: Bass-Baritone

Playing Age: 30+

Audition song: Act I No.3  “Oh, better far to live and die” 

Audition dialogue: Act I from “True” to “I shall live and die a Pirate King”

The Sergeant of Police

A comic version of the old style bobby. Incompetent, tries desperately to hold the timid constables together. Could be played by a male or female.

Voice type: Bass

Playing Age: 40+

Audition song: Act II No. 10 “When a felon’s not engaged in this employment” verse 1

Audition dialogue: N/A


A daughter of the Major General.

Voice type: Soprano

Playing Age: 16-30

Audition song: Act I Solo in No.5 and Act II Solo in No.3 

Audition dialogue: Act I from “What a picturesque spot!” to “Suppose we take off our shoes and stockings and paddle”.


Another of the Major General's daughters.

Voice type: Mezzo

Playing Age: 16-30

Audition song: Act I Solo in No.5 

Audition dialogue: Act I from “What a picturesque spot!” to “Suppose we take off our shoes and stockings and paddle”.


Another daughter of the Major-General. 

Voice type: Soprano

Playing Age: 16-30

Audition dialogue: “What a picturesque spot!” to “Suppose we take off our shoes and stockings and paddle”.

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