Ruddygore Further Info

A witch's curse, ghosts walking out of paintings and a bad baronet! We're excited to be staging Gilbert & Sullivan's spookiest operetta at the Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne. 

The official sign up deadline has now passed, but if you would still like to get involved, please email us.


We are open to anyone auditioning for any character, regardless of the 'traditional' gender of the role. If you feel you have what it takes and can bring something special to the part, you are welcome to audition.

Robin Oakapple (later Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd):

Playing age 20-45, Vocal Range: Lyric Baritone

A simple and unassuming farmer who transforms (under duress) into a bad baronet in Act 2. Much like Frederic in The Pirates of Penzance, he values the notion of performing ones 'duty' at all costs. 

​Audition pieces:

Act 1 vocal score no 7 “My boy, you may take it from me”

Act 2 vocal score no 9 “My eyes are fully open” 1st verse only

Dialogue Act 2 “For a week I have fulfilled my accursed doom”


Rose Maybud

Playing age 17-30, Singing range: Lyric Soprano, 2 octaves to top B flat

​A prim and proper maiden, obsessed with manners and etiquette, and quite materialistic. She falls for Robin, and in spite of the curse disrupting their love, finds a happy ending.

​Audition pieces:

Act 1 vocal score no 3 “If somebody there chanced to be”

Act 2 vocal score no 3 “In bygone days I had thy love” (1 page only)

Dialogue Act 1 “Whither away, dear Rose…but behold, I have said enough.”

Richard Dauntless

Playing age 20-44, Vocal Range: Tenor, up to a high B flat    

Foster brother of Robin/Ruthven. A charmer who is largely concerned with his own interests, but able to defend his somewhat dubious actions with convincing verbosity.

Audition pieces:

Act 1 vocal score no 6 “I shipped, d’ye see” PLUS Hornpipe (improvised)

Act 1 vocal score no 15 extract beginning: “Within this breast there beats a heart”

Dialogue Act 1 “Ah, it’s a thousand pities he’s such a poor opinion of himself…

That’s narvousness!”


Sir Despard Murgatroyd

Playing age 25-44, Vocal Range: Baritone, low A to E above middle C Character

​The slightly younger brother of Robin/Ruthven, who has been forced to live the life meant for his sibling. A classic melodramatic villain, who has been corrupted and aged through the life of crime imposed on him by the family curse. Finds redemption through the resolution of a troubled relationship with Mad Margaret.

Audition pieces:

Act 1 vocal score no 13 “Oh why am I moody and sad?”

Act 2 vocal score no 8 beginning “If I had been so lucky as to have a steady brother”

3rd verse only

Dialogue Act 1 “Poor children, how they loathe me…shall ever look upon their

faces again”

Mad Margaret  

Playing age 25-40, Vocal Range: Mezzo    

An unlikely heroine who has become unhinged by her obsessive love for  Sir Despard, which was thwarted when he inherited the curse. 

Audition pieces:

Act 1 vocal score no 11 “Cheerily carols the lark”

Act 2 vocal score no 8 beginning “If I were not a little mad” 2nd verse only 

Dialogue Act 1 “A maiden, and in tears…quite, quite softly.”

Sir Roderic Murgatroyd

Playing age 40+, Vocal range: Baritone, low A flat to D above middle C

The most recently deceased of the ghostly ancestors, Roderic enjoys torturing Ruthven. Was engaged to Dame Hannah - yet another romance interrupted by the curse.

Audition pieces: 

Act 2 vocal score no 4 beginning “I am the spectre of the late…” into

Act 2 vocal score no 5 “When the night wind howls”

Dialogue Act 2 “Humph! These arguments sound very well…I had no idea it was anything like that.”

Dame Hannah  

Playing age 40+. Vocal Range: Contralto, low A flat to E two above middle C    

Still bereft at the loss of her love interest many years before, she refuses to marry again. Has a crucial role in the explaining of the curse.

Audition pieces:

Act 1 vocal score no 2 Legend “Sir Rupert Murgatroyd, his leisure”

Act 1 vocal score no 15 extract beginning “In the springtime seed is sown”

Dialogue Act 2 “Dame Hannah, this is not what I expected…and let the

best man win.”

Old Adam Goodheart

Playing age 45+, Vocal Range: Bass-Baritone, Low E flat (below the Bass stave) to D above middle C    

A loyal servant who turns to the dark side alongside his master, becoming an evil henchman in Act 2. Mainly a speaking part with only a small amount of singing.

Audition pieces:

Act 2 vocal score no 1 “I once was as meek as a new born lamb”

Dialogue Act 1 “Dear master, it shall be as you wish…and see, he comes this way.”



Playing age 16-30, Vocal range: Soprano

Audition pieces:

Act 1 vocal score no 1 beginning “Every day as the days roll on”

Act 1 vocal score no 15 extract beginning “Who is the wretch who hath betrayed thee?”

Dialogue Act 1 “Nay, gentle maidens…frenzy of a bit of fourteen.”


Playing age 16-30. Speaking only part.

Professional bridesmaid.

Audition pieces:

Dialogue Act 1 “This is, perhaps, the only village…practically wasted.”


Sir Rupert, Sir Jasper, Sir Lionel, Sir Conrad, Sir Desmond, Sir Gilbert, Sir Mervyn Featured ensemble that play the ancestral Baronets of Murgatroyd, they descend from their picture frames and torment young Robin.

Lines but no solo singing. 

The roles of the speaking ghosts will likely be allocated to those who unsuccessfully auditioned for a main role but made a good impression with dialogue.


The ensemble groups will be allocated at the first rehearsals. They comprise of:

​Act 1:

  • Bridesmaids

  • Bridal shop workers

  • Chaperones

  • Passers-by

  • Bucks

  • Blades

  • Two sailors (Richard Dauntless’ companions; dancers)

Act 2:

  • Portrait Ghosts 

Covid Safety

To minimise disruption to rehearsals and to keep our vulnerable members safe, we operate a Covid safe policy, which we ask all company members to respect. This includes:

  • Wearing a mask (not face shield) to rehearsals

  • Taking a lateral flow test on the day of rehearsals

  • Not attending if unwell or displaying Covid symptoms

  • Sanitising on entry and departure

  • Ventilating the rehearsal room