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The Gondoliers

Our next major production will be The Gondoliers, at the Devonshire Park Theatre in Eastbourne, May 2019. 

Tickets are now on sale from the Eastbourne Theatres web site.

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About The Gondoliers

The Gondoliers opened in December 1889 at the Savoy Theatre, and became one of the most popular of Gilbert & Sullivan's works, still much-loved 130 years later. With its exotic Venetian setting, lively music and dancing, it is a fun show to perform and has many roles for performers of all ages and voices.

The plot concerns two brothers, Marco and Giuseppe, both Venetian gondoliers, one of whom was adopted at birth. Having just married their sweethearts Gianetta and Tessa, the brothers receive a visit from The Grand Inquisitor, who reveals the shocking news that one of them is in fact heir to the throne of 'Barataria' and has just become king, but noone (except their currently absent mother, Inez) knows which.

Even more astonishing is the news that the king was married as a baby to the daughter of the Spanish Duke of Plaza Toro, Casilda, who is to be his queen. But Casilda is secretly in love with her father's servant, Luiz, and so everyone is most unhappy about the situation! Casilda's parents, the Duke and Duchess, go to great lengths to persuade her of the merits of the marriage (namely, fame and riches for them!), but she remains annoyed and indifferent.


Leaving their heartbroken brides behind under strict instructions to remain in Venice, the brothers travel to Barataria to reign jointly, until they can discover which is the true heir.  But of course, Gianetta and Tessa cannot resist following, and when they and Casilda all arrive, wanting to know which of them is queen, confusion ensues.  The Inquisitor returns having located Inez, and the true identity of the king is finally revealed, giving everyone the happy ending they have been hoping for.

Director: Wendy Dovey

Musical Director: Pat White

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