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Join Eastbourne G&S

Sing! Make Friends! Have Fun!

Gilbert & Sullivan is a wonderful experience for every performer to try! We're always happy to hear from potential new members of any age (16+) or experience.

We've been producing G&S shows in Eastbourne since 1968, and we hope to continue for many more years, with the help of the next generation of performers.

We recently talked to some young Gilbert & Sullivan enthusiasts from around the world, to find out why they think G&S is still relevant and fun, 100 years after it was first written. This mini-documentary is about 15 minutes long - and well worth a watch to the end. 


CLICK HERE to find out more about the societies mentioned in the video.

Here are some more reasons to give G&S a try:

Develop your vocal skills. Whether you're an aspiring singer, or you just enjoy flexing your vocal chords now and then, with our professional music team, you'll learn a lot, and you'll notice your voice improve and develop through the process of rehearsing for a show. Singing light opera is a wonderful vocal workout!

Make friends. We're an inclusive and welcoming society, and new people quickly become part of the G&S family. Gilbert & Sullivan is such fun to perform, and it really brings people together. We currently have members aged from their 20s to their 80s, and firm friendships are formed across the generations.

Keep Musical Theatre History Alive. Gilbert & Sullivan were the first to make opera into an accessible, mainstream format that could be enjoyed by the masses - paving the way for the musical theatre that we know and love today. Being in a G&S show at least once should be on every musical theatre buff's bucket list!

Here are some of our current members, as seen in rehearsal and backstage during some recent productions. As you can see, we do enjoy ourselves!

When and Where?

Our annual production is usually in May, with production launch and auditions happening around November/December time, and rehearsals starting in the new year. We usually rehearse on Mondays and Wednesdays at St Barnabas church in Langney, from 7.30-9.30pm.


As well as the main production at the Devonshire Park Theatre, we do other events during the year, including concerts at the Bandstand, and social events for members. 

Find out More

Drop us a line if you would like to be involved, or are interested in learning more about what we do. You can also send us a message via Facebook or Text/WhatsApp

Join Now

The Other Gilbert & Sullivan Societies 

Here's a list of the societies with which the eight young perfomers in our mini-documentary perform:

Felix - Manchester University Gilbert & Sullivan Society 

Rachael & Elizabeth - Stamford Gilbert & Sullivan Players

Liddy - Newcastle University Gilbert & Sullivan Society

Sebastian - Eastbourne Gilbert & Sullivan Society

Alice - The Hull Savoyards Amateur Operatic Society

Tara & Robert - The North Toronto Players

Adam - The College Light Opera Company

There are many more Gilbert & Sullivan societies around the world, so if you are insterested in joining one, but are not from the Eastbourne area, have a look online to find your local one.

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