Eastbourne Gilbert & Sullivan Society

50 Years of Eastbourne G&S

Eastbourne Herald on 2016's HMS Pinafore:


"Eastbourne G&S Society admirably combines the tradition and the freshness"


"Josephine [is] well played by Victoria Langley...an impassioned delivery"


"A very accomplished 16-piece band does rich justice to Sullivan’s fine score"

Praise for Eastbourne G&S

Eastbourne Herald on 2019's The Gondoliers: 


"An engaged, likeable chorus brings a wonderful flurry of life to Dance a Cachucha" 


"Adrian Samuel and Christopher Peck...as the lovable Gondolier brothers, play off each other skilfully, and Adrian’s Take a Pair of Sparkling Eyes is a fabulous vocal highlight."


"Paul Eccles matchless as a kind of camp Roi-Soleil Duke, formidable Duchess Alison King, with the stunning voice of Rowan Stanfield as a quite haughty daughter Casilda"

Eastbourne Herald on 2018's The Yeomen of the Guard: 


"Fifty years of Gilbert and Sullivan in our town, and still in splendid shape"


"Rowan Stanfield....sings thrillingly and  wins all our hearts"


"Paul Eccles...is master of the patter song"

Eastbourne Herald on 2017's The Mikado: 


"it is with the greatest pleasure that I can report so much worthy singing"


"Stewart Patient brought the house down with A More Humane Mikado"


"Stylish, sparkling and successful"