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Foggerty's Fairy

A Comedy in Three Acts

Recorded online during the Covid-19 lockdown, this comic play of W.S. Gilbert's features some familiar plot devices and dialogue. Listen to our radio play version and donate as you feel to help us keep Gilbert & Sullivan alive during the pandemic and beyond....

Following the success of our virtual pantomime, Jack Point and the Beanstalk, we are pleased to present this comic radio play by W.S. Gilbert, which was recorded as a Zoom play reading back in July 2020.

Frederic Foggerty is about to marry Jennie, until she discovers that he has been engaged before and refuses to go through with it. Luckily for Foggerty, a fairy guardian, Rebecca, appears to help him. The magic intervention has its flaws, however, and Foggerty finds himself in something of a pickle. 

First performed at The Criterion Theatre in 1881 (the same year as Patience premiered), much of the content of Foggerty's Fairy will seem familiar to fans of Gilbert & Sullivan's Savoy Operas.  Let us know over on our Facebook page how many lines or references you notice!

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You are also welcome to join us and get involved in our online activities, and future (on stage) productions.

The Company
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Adrian Samuel as Foggerty

Alison King as the Fairy Rebecca

Stan Fillery as Talbot

Margaret Amey as Malvina De Vere

Tim Archer as Walkinshaw

Rowan Stanfield as Jennie

Peter Tucknott as Blogg

Michael Bale as Dr Lobb

Paul Eccles as Dr Dobb

Brenda Gower as Delia Spiff

Trevor Allen as Uncle Fogle

Phillippa Acton as Aunt Bogle

Patrick Birdsall as Walker,Balker and Narrator

Lucy Sarsfield as Tottie

Sharona Turnbull as Lottie

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