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Annual General Meeting 2023

Our Annual General Meeting is coming up on Wednesday 27th September, 7.30pm at St Barnabas church hall in Langney. The AGM is a chance to contribute to the policies and creative direction of the society, and to vote in your new committee for the year ahead.

After the official business of the AGM, there will be refreshments and a chance to socialise.

Anyone can attend the AGM, but you must be a paid up member to vote on committee members or other business. Visit the Join Us page to find out how to join.

Join the Committee

We always welcome any members to volunteer for a role on the committee. If you would like to help steer the direction of the society and contribute in practical ways to productions and events, please put yourself forward. We meet once a month and there is usually cake!


You must be a paid up member to volunteer, and you will need another member to nominate you. If you are nominating someone else, please ensure they are happy to be nominated.

Please submit your nominations by 24th September so that we can collate them for voting on the night.

There are four formally elected roles and five others which will be assigned at the first meeting of the new committee. You can indicate on the form below which areas you feel most able to contribute to.

The four formally elected roles (with brief descriptions) are:

Chairperson -  Leads the committee in its ongoing remit to uphold the society's mission and values, including the chairing of meetings and being a spokesperson for the society.

Vice Chair - Supports and assists the chairperson, and stands in when the chairperson is indisposed. 

Treasurer - Maintains and manages the society finances and produces financial reports

Secretary - Responsible for internal communication, minuting meetings, organising rehearsal venues and other administrative duties.

In addition, we need general committee members who are willing to contribute to the following areas:

Marketing, Publicity & Digital - promoting productions through the media and advertising, organising promotional events, managing digital assets

Fundraising - Organising fundraising events and activities including sponsorship, patrons scheme, pursuing funding and paid event opportunities.

Business Management - Managing production budgets, overseeing contracts and supporting production team in business related matters such as venue liaison.

Member & Parton liaison - Collecting membership and patron fees, addressing member concerns, organising social events, leading recruitment activities and strategy.

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